You have a beautiful competition suit that you're no longer using. Instead of letting that investment gather dust in the back of a drawer, put it up for consignment and EARN SOME CASH! 


Here's How It Works

  1. Fill our our Consignment Application Form. Don't worry, it's quick and you can do it from your phone.
  2. Once our team gets your application, you'll receive an email requesting very specific photos of the suit. You'll have examples to show you exactly what to do. Again, you can do this from your phone!
  3. We'll review your application and set up a quick call to go over your options. All suits are eligible for 50% CASH commission based on the retail price that we believe the suit will sell for. So example: You have a suit that you originally paid $500 for. Based on wear and style, we (Amanda & Kat) believe we could probably get $400 for it. That means you receive 50% of $400, or $200 CASH. This is also paid UP FRONT! You do not have to wait for your suit to sell... we take on that risk.
  4.  You can apply that commission to a brand new suit, or simply get a check in the mail! Whatever "suits" you! Get it, that was a suit designer pun there :)

Why Consign with Shine Sugar?

Unless you have a massive following of fitness competitors, or a local group of people all very much into the competition scene, it can be tricky to find buyers for your suit. We put your suit in front of over 10,000 competitors!!!

You get the money UP FRONT. Most places will make you wait until your suit sells in order to get your commission. Not here. 

Your suit will live on.... ok, this one is why we do this as designers. We put SO MUCH love into every suit we create, and knowing that there are so many gorgeous suits in the back of underwear drawers breaks our hearts! Let your suit SHINE AGAIN even if it's not on you.


We accept suits from ALL designers, assuming they are in good condition. 

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Looking to shop previously loved suits?

We have those available too! They are available to RENT or PURCHASE. 

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