We're better together...

When two top suit designers team up, you know it's got to be good.


Our Mission

In 2017 we, the owners of Kickin Crystal Designs (Kat Carstensen) and AmandaLouise Swimwear (Amanda Freick) were brought together by fate. Our first conversation lasted hours, and our mutual passion for creating epic competition swimwear was contagious.

We both were doing rental suits for our client base, but realized there wasn't a centralized source of rentals for women in the competition world. Like, one place that they could ALWAYS find something available, KNOW it was going to be amazing, and have LOTS of options. It was in that moment we realized that together we could help more women shine on stage that we ever could apart.

Shine Sugar will not only be our clients one stop shop for rentals, but also a Consignment Boutique. We realize many athletes make major investments on suits, only to wear them once, or maybe even a couple times, and then either be dreaming about a new suit, or hang up their heels to pursue other activities. We will help you sell your suit, for which you can earn suit credit with Shine Sugar, AmandaLouise or Kickin Crystal Designs... OR you can earn COLD HARD CASH! It's totally up to you. It's also important to note that we base consignment acceptance on suit quality, not designer. So even if you didn't originally get your suit from us, we can help you!

Our goal is to change the industry by offering new and improved options for our athletes.
— Kat & Amanda

About the girls

  • Kat Carstensen:  I started my love of sparkly and stretchy things back when I was about six. I wanted to make clothes for our cat but my mom told me I was not quite old enough to play with great grandma's 1905 Singer sewing machine.  So I crafted my designs the old school way using scrap spandex, needle, and thread. You should have seen that first creation!  It was a holy mess!
     From the first day I can remember until the age of 17 I was a gymnast, and loved every minute of it. During my youth I also was an occasional ballroom dance onlooker when my mom opted to drag me along to West Coast Swing dances instead of getting a sitter.  At the age of 18 I attended a swing convention as a dancer and found that the earlier years of watching dancing had allowed me to learn by osmosis. I had organically learned to West Coast. Since then, I have won a National Championship, and I have traveled around Canada and the US teaching and performing West Coast Swing professionally.

     Some years ago, I met Marty Wright and the world of Competitive Bodybuilding. At my maiden competition, I took first in my class in Figure; to say the least I was hooked. Ever since, I have loved helping anyone who has wanted to get into this wonderful sport of BodyBuilding.

     Gymnastics, dancing, body building --- all of my favorite sports require stretchy and sparkly outfits!
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  • Amanda Freick: I started AmandaLouise in 2014 after purchasing a competition suit online that I wasn't happy with. I knew I could use higher quality materials, pay more attention to detail, and above all, provide a kick ass experience to my clients.

    I have always loved to create and to sew. This started as scrunchies and blankets with my mom and grandma, turned into homecoming dresses, then sorority party costumes, followed by a weird love for quilting, and then finally swimwear. Being a nationally qualified Bikini competitor myself, I understand the importance of finding the “Perfect Suit”. It's not just that you want a gorgeous suit... it's that you want to FEEL gorgeous in that suit. I'm talking "jaw-dropping, holy SH*T is that really her" kind of gorgeous. 

    So, that's why I'm here, and why I make sparkly bikinis that I'm obsessed with. I want you to walk on stage feeling like the beautifully badass woman that you are.